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There is no greater grief like losing a child, especially through a violent act.
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The Mission of The Andre Scott Foundation, Inc. is to sow "the seed of hope" in the heart's of families who have lost a child through a violent crime. The Andre Scott Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization geared towards low-income families who have lost a child through a violent crime. We are here to offer support, comfort, and assistance to families who have experienced their worst nightmare, "the death of a child". This assistance will encompass basic needs such as food, clothing, funeral expenses, and grief counseling. The Andre Scott Foundation, Inc. is also dedicated to promoting programs to help prevent violent crimes against children. 


There is no greater grief like losing a child, especially through a violent act. This devastating impact can be life altering which can affect your whole being physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Losing a child can take away your joy for living and your life is no longer normal.  You now feel, think, and see things much differently.  For you,  Normal is feeling like your heart is going to explode when you think of how your child died; Normal is reliving the incident continuously and holding your head hoping it will go away; Normal is feeling like you can't sit for another minute without getting up and screaming, because you just don’t like to sit through anything anymore; Normal is staring out the window, hoping that he/she will drive up and tell you that he/she is home, then wondering why imagine it, because it will never happen; Normal is your heart warming at the sight of something your child would love, yet breaking at how he/she is not here to enjoy it; Normal is listening to people comparing their loss to yours, knowing that it could never compare, unless they have lost a child; Normal is crying every day from missing your child; Normal is listening to people saying, “don’t ask God why”; Normal is wondering how to answer a question that used to be so harmless, when asked how many children do you have, wondering if you're going to say I have two children or one, because its too painful to explain that one is dead; Normal is learning to lie to everyone telling them that you're fine, when you're dying inside because it makes them uncomfortable; Normal is hiding the person you have become, so that everyone will think that you are “NORMAL”.


There are many families out there who are feeling the raw emotions of losing a child to a violent crime. Please know that we feel your pain. 

 Remember your child by lighting a candle

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