The Andre Scott Foundation, Inc. 
There is no greater grief like losing a child, especially through a violent act.


Every minute of every day, a violent crime occurs in the country. Over the past year, approximately 17,520 people were murdered. That's two every hour. Every year, there are millions of crimes committed against innocent, law-abiding citizens. Approximately 2% of our population commits 100% of the violent crimes, leaving the remaining 98% of us potential victims. The system seems to focus on and care more about the accused and the convicted than the rest of us.

We must arm ourselves with the knowledge and power that can make a difference, confident that our voices matter and committed to not sit back and do nothing. Regardless of whether you have been directly impacted by crime or not, eventually we will all be touched by crime on some level. You cannot pretend it doesn't exist
just because it hasn't happened to you. We wouldn't wish this horrific pain on anyone, but we have to be prepared as best we can, and we need to be there for one another.

The following organizations have committed themselves to being a support system for people who have been traumatized and victimized. Each is dedicated to empowering victims to become survivors and to move through their tragedies with as much grace, dignity, and strength as possible.

Please note, this list is a very small percentage of the thousands of support
systems in place to help. Keep checking back, as we will be adding more content. 

Parents of Murdered Children (POMC)
1- 888-818-POMC
1-513- 721-5683

The Office of Victims of Crime (OVC)

 Age Progression Photo Services      

The Andre Scott Foundation, by special arrangement, has teamed up with  Phojoe Photo to offer a 15% discount to families who may be interested in knowing what their child  would have looked like had he or she lived. This discounted offer is available through The Andre Scott Foundation portal by using the code "Clover." Phojoe Photo is one of the top Age Progression specialists in the country, and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please visit  and put in the Promo Code in the "Comment" section of the upload form. Please also, check out their many other services which include photo manipulation (adding a child's picture to a family portrait).  

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