The Andre Scott Foundation, Inc. 
There is no greater grief like losing a child, especially through a violent act.

The 5 O'Clock Club

Insight: When you are God's child, He is present in all seasons of your lie, and going home is as natural as birth.

The 5 O' Clock Club is designated to a specific prayer time throughout the day. You may choose to pray at 5am or 5pm. If at this point you are beginning to feel concerned because you are too hurt to pray, or you have never prayed or don't  know how to pray, please consider these simple instructions that will hopefully resolve your dilemma. First, pray for the ability to pray. Second, act and behave as if you are the prayerful, spiritual person you want to become. Remember, you are changed by your thoughts and actions.

Prayer and Faith are not about being perfect. God is forgiving. In fact, I once heard a minister say: "If God had an office, one of the plaques over His desk might read, everything you remember I forget, and everything you forget I remember."


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